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About The Better Fort Music Coalition

NOTE: While we may be relaunching in 2017 as A Better Fort Music Coalition we are STILL doing plenty here in 2016.
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A Better Fort Music Coalition is establishing itself as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and collaborative movement committed to building a stronger and more diverse music community in greater Fort Wayne. We relaunch as the coalition in 2017.


The mission is to aggressively advocate, sponsor, and develop an independent, progressive live music community in greater Fort Wayne for the purpose of urban and downtown revitalization, regional economic development, and the retention of our region’s youth and future.


Through our mission to support and cultivate thriving music economy, our vision is to establish and maintain Fort Wayne as a nationally recognized music city.



Local residents and visitors need reasons to come downtown as a central focal point of our city and its growth. Programming of live music performances, the music industry and musicians within Greater Fort Wayne is critical in generating support and enthusiasm for downtown and city development.


A Better Fort Music Coalition will act as a centralized entity and support system for promoting the development of live music performances and musicians within the city and providing an opportunity for input from the music industry, musicians, and the public for ideas in support of live music.



The main strengths of A Better Fort Music coalition stem from its already established footprint, trusted reputation and brand recognition within the Fort Wayne community.


A Better Fort’s roots begin in 2010 when a group of young adults excited about the potential behind Fort Wayne began promoting and facilitating volunteer opportunities young adults interested in getting involved in the community and nonprofits that need and rely on volunteer support.

Over time, the group organically developed a vision to provide positive experiences that make a difference in the lives of individuals around Fort Wayne. In 2011, the group branded itself and organized as a non-profit under the state of Indiana expanding its focus on community empowerment, downtown advocacy and the retention of young talent.



check mark Instilling pride in our community through increased appreciation of our local culture such as our MY CITY music video that went viral in 2012 and created a renewed sense of civic pride.

check mark Creating programs and working with local businesses to foster a local economy founded on a creative community.

check markProviding unique opportunities for the youth in our community who are interested in music.

check mark Creating events such as the already developed BAALS Music Festival and Block4Blindness  that engage individuals (in particular, our young people) and businesses in our community and bring new people to Fort Wayne, Indiana.


check mark Promoting and advancing the work of local musicians and giving them the resources they need to be successful

check mark Supporting already established or proposed events via promotion, fiscal sponsorship and / or planning

check mark Advocating for local music interests

check mark Promoting music to bring people together, providing new social environments for the happiness and health of our community.


Q: Do other cities have music coalitions?

A: Yes, Many cities have centralized their music initiatives such as the Carbondale Music Coalition and the Des Moines Music Coalition to name a few.


Q: Don’t we already have the Downtown Improvement District?

A:  Yes, and we work closely with the DID! They do amazing things across 4 verticals which include: beautification efforts, business
development, parking management & event cultivation /promotion. A Better Fort Music Coalition has focused in on ONE objective
which is becoming increasingly more vital as Downtown and Riverfront Development has become a reality creating the need for the centralization of “Live Events” in generating support and enthusiasm for downtown and city development.

Q: I like it. How do I help out?

A: Leading up to AND upon re-launch in 2017 you can donate your time or your treasure. Both are very valuable to our cause.
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Q: What will A Better Fort Music Coalition do with my donations?

A: Upon launch in 2017 A Better Fort Music Coalition will be committed to being responsible with the money we raise by limiting our administrative costs to a handful of staff people, supplementing heavily with volunteers, which will serve as the driving force of our organization. Your donations will go directly to the production of sustainable events with high accessibility to the general public and to supporting other programs that further our cause.

Q: I’d love to write a review or story for this website. What do I need to do?

A: Upon launch in 2017 you can email us at info@abetterfort.org and we will happily send you some local music to review! Or if you have your own idea for a review or story, go ahead and write it and submit it. There aren’t really any rules, just keep the content suitable for people of all ages and we’ll be happy to post it as part of our regular content.

Q: I’m in a band. How can the Better Fort Coalition help me?

A: There are lots of ways, some of which we probably don’t even know about! But here are a few:

  • We can connect you with lots of new fans and opportunities if you play one of our events.
  • We can provide reviews of your music. We plan on dedicating a whole section to this!
  • We plan on launching a music directory! You can connect with musicians, other bands, venues, and other music industry people over in our Music Directory.
  • We can promote your new album, music video, or upcoming show to our fans via this website, our newsletter, and our social media networks.

Email us at info@abetterfort.org to inquire about any of the above.

Q: I/WE would like to play a Better Fort event. How do we make that happen?

A: Email us at info@abetterfort.org to inquire about playing an event! Also, connect with us on our socials for information about
applying for specific events.

Q: What will be the funding sources behind A Better Fort Music Coalition?

A: Funding sources will include but are not limited to:

  • Program Service Revenue
  • Individual donations and major gifts
  • Bequests
  • Corporate contributions
  • Foundation grants
  • Government grants

Q: I want someone to review my album. Where do I send it?

A: We are not reviewing music until our launch in 2017! Upon launch, please email a digital link to: info@abetterfort.org

We can’t guarantee that your album will be reviewed, as this is done entirely by volunteers. You can also find someone yourself interested in reviewing your album and we will happily post it.

Q: I want to stay in the know. Is there a newsletter or something I can sign up for?

A: As a matter of fact, there is. CLICK HERE to join our newsletter.

Q: I’m a Fort Wayne musician. When you launch if I don’t feel like the Better Fort Music Coalition is representing my interests. How do I go about changing that?

A: The best answer: Volunteer. A Better Fort is a grassroots, volunteer-driven organization; our volunteers’ interests and passions drive our agenda. Our events are one of the largest volunteer-ran programing initiatives in the city. Check out our meeting calendar and subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the know about opportunities to volunteer and make a difference!

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